Color Returns to America With the 2008 Election

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America was sick for the first eight years of civilization's third millennium. The global computer revolution in danger of crashing at the stroke of midnight when the year turned to 2000 was barely hit with glitches. Instead, a liberal Democratic America that had turned Conservative Republican with the 2000 election to its sickbed in September of the new administration's first year.

The 9/11 attack on America was a virus to which America succumbed. As the world grew freer and more global despite radical elements intent on scaring the world back to the Stone Age with terror, America lay sick and pale, quarantined from the rest of the world.

The 2008 election broke America's debilitating fever of fear. The nomination of a woman and a non-White man was the start of the therapeutic regime. The turning point was the election itself, indicating that the immune response had been triggered by the collapse of America's financial institutions.

Above and beyond what the new administration can accomplish as a result of the 2008 US election, the bottom line is that America has chosen a radically new approach to healing. America has put its faith in that new approach by calling in a doctor who brings alternative medicine principles into a solidly founded understanding of academic and traditional knowledge and practice, as well as the limitations imposed on each by the other.

The new president-elect of the United States and his family are a breath of fresh air to an ailing America tottering in an ambitious world with sights set on bringing America down by a peg. The mere brazen act of choosing a non-White to lead the country out of the isolationist illness to which it had succumbed was a volley to the world that America had rallied from its deathbed.

With the 2008 election, America has thrown open the window of its sickroom. Even as the financial meltdown continues, the transition indicates that America is still frail from its illness but that its vital signs have strengthened. By trusting instinct and choosing to face the promising unknown, America voted, leapt from bed and brought color to the world.

Barack Obama looking cool in down-home sweats and shades outside a Chicago gym is a call to America to identify with him and to unwind from the stress of recuperation by following a robust example of how to handle pressure. Likewise, Michelle Obama scouting schools for two young kids conveys stability and the continuity of vigor, health and vitality across generations.

With talk of a Grandma moving in to help with the kids, the novelty of a lively future is the incentive for America to heal quickly. In fact, the wholesomeness of the Obama family as it comes across through the media is America's reassurance of better times ahead.

The stock market may continue to rollercoaster throughout the transition and beyond. A jerky economic and financial response is bound to be the outcome as revelations continue to shock about the level of corporate plunder during America's sickbed period.

But the new family coming into the White House reaches across America's history to steady it by triggering a mass consciousness about the role of family values in America's greatness. Families have built America. They provided the support to let its ambitions sprint.

The 2008 election has brought color back to America's cheek. The country can rally now. It can help the world that now backs up its fight against those who would bring it down.

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Color Returns to America With the 2008 Election

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This article was published on 2010/04/04
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