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How does buying American made products benefit Americans? And, possibly, an even more important question is how? These are two questions I will answer here today, in this article. The facts provided herewith in set down a path that leads to a better America.

American made products benefit all Americans because they are products made within the boundaries of our country; they are made by other Americans, employed by different companies who hire Americans for labor, which in turn means jobs for Americans - something we are in desperate need of. Small businesses make up a greater percentage of companies in America than any other sector, and businesses should be able to keep American employees without having to struggle. Many small businesses have moved their jobs and production over seas because of the rising costs, and greater economical strain of keeping them in America. There is some who have stayed despite the economic turmoil because of forsight. Small businesses employ a large portion of this country, manufacture, and produce many of our countries services - the more the better. It is getting harder and harder to keep it that way, you see, when big businesses start outsourcing to India, China, and everywhere else their cost of production and labor go way down. When outsourcing to get cheaper labor and cheaper material, you in turn, get a cheaper unsafe product; a product that not only doesn't last the test of time, but is dangerous.

There has been a growing trend of companies moving work back to the United States called "re-shoring" many big and some small companies have begun to move jobs back to America after having outsourced thousands of jobs to communist China, Russia, India and Mexico over the last decade. This story was highlighted on a CNN broadcast of Lou Dobbs Tonight. Two companies were featured including southern California based Exxela outdoors, and Professional Choice a company that specializes in horse splints, boots, and other horse related products. This is good news for all Americans, but there are also some companies who never outsourced, but struggled to stay here in America because of the positive effect it has on our economy when Americans are buying and selling products made here in America by Americans.

The problem with both of these companies is that they did outsource overseas, and are only now trying to bring their manufacturing jobs back into America. With an unemployment rate of 11.5 percent Americans desperately need jobs. I know there are many small businesses who never outsourced their jobs overseas to help America, even though they struggled to do it, they knew, in the long run it would benefit America. Lou Dobbs tonight also highlighted the fact that the US government, US Chamber of Commerce needs to do more to encourage the growth of manufacturing jobs in America, and that is true.

Jeff Immelt CEO of GE, one of the companies that pioneered outsourcing according to Lou Dobbs tonight, said that the national goal for America should be to bring back 20 percent of manufacturing jobs to America, about double the percentage today. There are many different paths, and barriers to bringing jobs back, and reasons they were sent abroad in the first place. The main reason would be to slash costs, and create products at a much cheaper cost to the company, and in so doing, you hurt America.

The benefit of keeping Americans employed is that they will inevitably put their money back into America by buying goods. It is good news for all Americans, especially the middle class that companies are moving jobs back to America "re-shoring." The harsh reality is most of the companies never should have outsourced in the first place; because we all know that those jobs were once filled by someone in America who suddenly found their job in India.

So, how does keeping jobs in America and selling products made in America by Americans benefit America? I hope the answer is obvious, and that we all strive to support such companies.

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American Made - Companies That Benefit America

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This article was published on 2010/03/30
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