America Misunderstood or Misrepresented?

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While the rest of the world holds many ideas of life in America, remember they base these ideas on what they see in the news or other outlets of information in their respective countries or on the teachings of their mentors and educators in school, religion, business and general life. I make this distinction because many of the preconceived ideas people have of America around the world are wrong because they are based on misinformation, misconceptions and misunderstandings.

The reason for this is many fold but includes news programs that show only the most sensational items as well as news outlets that present information with a bias so as to produce a desired public opinion. In many cases these biased reports and news shows have a definite anti American bias. However these stories are not what America is all about nor do they tell much if anything about true Americans and the real America. Many are blatantly false or only show a small segment of American society thereby portraying the image they want even though it does not apply to the vast majority of Americans.

The family is still the most important and sacred social institution in America. The head of the family still receives great respect and obedience in most families regardless of distance separating them. Yes children do push their boundaries and test their limits here just as in any country. However be cautious when trying to apply labels and misconceptions to all Americans or any other countries citizens either.

Labels are far often a too easy way to lump large groups under a general heading to make it easier to view understand them. Yet these labels by the vary nature of the generalizations are wrong. They portray whole groups as if they were all copies of each other without the differences and variety that makes the human race so special. They are inherently wrong and should be avoided at all times. Yet the reality is that many if not most people tend to label things to make them easier to place or understand. Despite the errors of the labels they still are used and will always be. This leads to many misconceptions and misunderstandings not just about America but also about many other peoples, countries, cultures, religions and societies.

You rarely hear from or about the Silent American Majority for the very reason that they are not controversial or shocking or newsworthy in most organizations eyes. They simply go about their daily lives putting god, family and country first in their lives. They do not make the news, nor create the news. Yet they are by far the majority of Americans and they are the ones who in the end truly define America and the American Ideals.

It is truely a shame that the rest of the world bases their opinions and conclusions about America on all these false or misleading scenes and depictions of American life. If the majority of the world could see the real America, the real Americans and the good they do. If the majority of the world could learn the truth of all that we Americans do for so many others around the world without any thought for return or repayment. If the world could only see the true American Spirit, I for one believe the world would be a much different place today.

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Douglas Wolfe 4-25-2008
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America Misunderstood or Misrepresented?

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